David Wood talks with award winning pizza chef Johnny Di Francesco. His story of success is not a typical one – he may be Italian and his heritage may be from Campagna which is considered the home of pizza but it was neither a love of food nor a desire to embrace his heritage that led him down his successful career path – instead it was a pair of sneakers! At the age of 12 and desperate for a pari of Nikes, Johnny started working at a pizzeria. Slowly working his way through the ranks Johnny grew to love the craft of pizza making. In the end Johnny decided to train in the art of Neapolitan pizza, training hard and mastering his craft Johnny took his pizza to The World Pizza Championship in 2014, competing in the category of Traditional Speciality Guaranteed, Johnny took out top prize and was crown the World’s Best Pizza maker!Now with his new book World’s Best Pizza on the shelf, Johnny shares some of his most popular and mouth watering recipes including the recipe for the world’s best Margherita!